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UOC Transport System

Code of honour for University Transport

1.   An individual traveling in the university bus must respect the elders and be polite to all especially female students, women, children, old people, the weak and the helpless.

2.   All the students must respect the teachers and others in authority in the university.

3.   Playing music, singing songs, use of vulgar language, card playing, fooling, passing remarks using nick names, smoking, playing music on the mobiles, are prohibited.

4.   Hanging with door of buses is prohibited.

5.  Forcing driver/cleaner for undue delay, stoppage, changing route is prohibited.

6.  All individuals traveling in the bus must cooperate with the driver/cleaner.

7.  For complaints/ suggestions regarding transport contact Chairman Transport/ DSA.

Policy to deal discipline cases in the University bus

a.  Any eventuality occurring in the University bus will be immediately reported by the concerned driver/cleaner to the Chairman Transport through transport officer/office in wring. Failing to do so action will be taken against them as per Examination and Discipline rules of the university.

b.  Keeping in view the gravity of the problem the Chairman Transport will serve first and second notice to deal the indiscipline during the bus routes. In acute circumstances the discipline committee empowers the following committee to deal the indiscipline problems in University bus:

    i) Chairman Discipline Committee

    ii) Director Student Affairs

    iii) Chairman Transport Committee