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Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

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The responsibility of every university is to maintain and improve the quality standards of its academic activities. To maintain quality standards of an institution, universities must be professional, creative and innovative. As per direction of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, University of Chakwal set up the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC). The main goal of QEC is to ensure and improve the quality of education to compete with peers inside and outside of country. It is also responsible for planning and coordinating self-assessment activities at the university, as well as following HEC guidelines and formulating other action plans to improve the quality of education.

The Vision, Mission and objectives of QEC are the foundation principles of every university and it is likely to be successful if it is implemented, monitored and evaluate according to the quality standards of education.


To develop and implement quality standards of academic activities at University of Chakwal, the vision of its QEC is to set priority in quality of all the programs and to develop a feasible and sustainable method of Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Pakistan to meet the emerging challenges.


The mission of Quality Enhancement Cell of UOC is to manage University’s activities and implement HEC education quality standards to satisfy students, employees and all the stakeholders. The mission of enhancing the quality can only be achieved through planning, assessment, evaluation and monitoring of all the departments.


The QEC has the following objectives:

  • Promoting measures of quality standards in university according to the HEC quality assurance method.
  • Enhancing continuous student learning.
  • Monitoring the on-going activities in University.
  • To meet the international challenges in the field of research and education.
  • To encourage each department of University for the self-assessment of academic program.
  • To review the newly introduced academic programs according to HEC criteria.