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Pakistan is one of the growing Asian economies having rich history, vibrant population, abundant natural resources, diversified output structure comprising commodity and non-commodity producing sectors, deep rooted financial and governmental organizations, trade and financial linkages with rest of the world and aspiring youth budge looking for dynamic opportunities. Department of Economics at University of Chakwal has Vision to prepare graduates to fulfill human resource requirements of government organizations, banks, private sector organizations, NGOs and regional economic institutions along with fulfilling local requirement of entrepreneurs.


An understanding of economics is a vital component of education in social sciences. The program is designed to equip the graduates with the knowledge of economic theory, so that they could understand how economic agents interact and economy operates. The graduates of this institution are expected not only to identify the economic problems, but also to suggest set of alternative solutions.

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University of Chakwal, Punjab 48800 Pakistan.
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  • To provide cross-functional knowledge, basic concepts, and theories related to Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Management, and Psychology etc
  • To provide in-depth knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics in order to understand contemporary socioeconomic issues
  • To provide awareness about theories and concepts necessary to formulate public welfare policies
  • To provide knowledge of cutting-edge tools and techniques in order to propose contemporary solution for the complex socioeconomic issues


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Dr. Moniba Sana

Chairman / Assistant Professor

PhD Economics
University of Gujrat, Pakistan

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Dr. Waqar Muhammad Khan

Assistant Professor

PhD Econometrics
IIU, Islamabad

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Faisal Jehangir

Assistant Professor

MPhil Economics
Preston University, Islamabad