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Introduction to University of Chakwal

The Chakwal City

The city was founded during the era of Mughal emperor Zaheer-ud-Din Babar. Alexander the great also passed through this region in 326 B.C. One of the Muslim Scientists Al-Beruni came to this valley and stayed here for some time. During his stay at Katas, he not only learned Sanskrit but also performed various geographic experiments and successfully measured the radius of earth. Chakwal district is rich in natural resources such as coal, limestone, gypsum, salt, petroleum and other valuable minerals. Three cement plants with total production capacity of 24000 tons per day are already operational. A number of oil exploration companies are working in the surrounding area.

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University of Chakwal

i. Historically, the beginnings of Govt. Post Graduate College Chakwal almost corresponds with the emergence of Pakistan. The people of Chakwal always aspired to have an institution of higher learning. Eventually, it fell to khan Sahib Raja Sarfraz Khan’s lot to come forward and become the Sir Syed of Chakwal. As an M.L.A of the then Punjab assembly, he made great contribution to make the existence of the college possible. He very generously donated his expensive and precious 305 kanals land in the hubs of city in addition to a handsome amount, to erect the college building to impart quality education to the students of the area.

ii. The college was inaugurated in 1949 in the present edifice. Khan Fazal Muhammad was the first Principal of this ever prestigious institution. Initially the teaching faculty comprised 14 Professors to teach almost 300 students at its inception. However, as the time rolled on this wonderful college took long strides to establish itself as one of the most prestigious colleges. It kept on treading the path of progress with unwavering commitment.

Establishment of University of Chakwal (17th January, 2020.)

i. An exalted chapter was added in the history of Pakistan as well as the Chakwal district on 17th January, 2020, when the incumbent Minister for Higher Education Department, Govt. of the Punjab Lahore Raja Yasir Hamayun Sarfraz Khan, grandson of Khan Sahib Raja Sarfraz Khan presented the bill of establishment of “University of Chakwal” in the Punjab Assembly which was approved unanimously. So, it appeared to be a wonderful occasion that the college established in 1949, was upgraded to the level of University with the enchanting efforts of the third generation of the founder family of the same college. Today it is the hub of knowledge that offers a unique blend of modern sciences as well liberal arts at a very affordable rates.

ii. Moreover college of Engineering & Technology, college of Agriculture Research, college of Medicine & allied Medical Sciences, college of IT & Management Sciencess and college of law are the major thrust areas of future education. With its adequately stocked library and well maintained labs, the students will always be able to quench their thirst of knowledge and satisfy their creative impulses. All the Departments are successfully enabling the students to register their impression in all walks of life. Over the years distinct positions in the education Board, distinctions in the University exams and capturing the top positions in Chief Minister debate competitions have been a matter of pride for us. It is also a source of pleasure for our students that University of Chakwal is going to add more 06 BS programs in fall semester 2020. Moreover Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering are also being added during the up-coming Academic session to enhance the volume of faculty of Engineering. We are fortunate that the staff is competent, committed, passionate, enthusiastic and experienced to take on challenges under the headship of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan, Vice Chancellor University of Chakwal.

iii. University of Chakwal who is working day and night for ever- needed improvement in the University and welfare of the students. May almighty Allah shower his blessings upon all of us. Ameen