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Career Counseling Center (CCC)


Welcome to our Career Counselling Center, established on April 7th, 2023. Our commitment lies in assisting students to gain a deeper understanding of potential career paths and equipping them with practical skills through seminars, workshops, and personalized counseling. We assists students in making informed decisions and setting realistic career goals. We offer hands-on learning experiences and various techniques, such as career assessments, to help students identify their strengths and align them with suitable career paths.


Our mission is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to make informed career decisions and succeed in their chosen paths. We strive to be a trusted resource, providing personalized guidance and fostering strong connections between students, alumni, and employers.

  • Raise students' awareness about the range of career options available and support them in defining their career objectives
  • Identify and nurture the fundamental strengths and abilities of students
  • Conduct engaging workshops that promote the development of professional and employability skills
  • Serve as a connecting link between students, alumni, and employers, fostering meaningful relationships
  • Boost students' self-assurance and cultivate a positive mindset in their professional journey

Continuous Relationship Management Information System (CRMIS)
  • To establish a CRMIS for keeping the record of alumni upto a period of five (05) years. CRMIS repository would serve the University to project its profile vis-à-vis the job market and for absorption therein. CRMIS would also serve as an interaction point between the University and alumni to make use of their services for making improvements responsive to job market
  • To engage the students in discussion of an academic subject for gaining a better insight into areas that interest them as a future career option
  • To motivate students to implement skills they might learn through seminars and increase their knowledge
  • To involve students in hands-on activities to help them gain practical skills in their areas of interest
  • To provide students with activity-based opportunities to improve their job-search skills
  • To provide various student services and trainings ranging from resume writing and presentational skills to interviewing techniques
Job Fairs
  • To expose students to placement opportunities in industry and job market
  • To provide students networking opportunities with companies
  • To arrange company presentations and on-campus job fairs to narrow the gap between academia, industry and job market
Grants Program
  • To apply for grants through a competitive process to organize activities that will support students in exploring career opportunities

Deputy Director CCC

Dr. Bushra Nawaz

Ph.D. Electronics Engineering
University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan.

Deputy Director Career Counselling Centre (CCC)

University of Chakwal, Punjab Pakistan

Email:   bushra.nawaz@uoc.edu.pk



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