Department of Islamic Studies

(BS) in Islamic Studies

The BS Islamic Studies is aimed to address the application of Islamic principles to cover contemporary needs. It mainly focuses on Quran and Sunnah as primary sources of knowledge and induces an urge for research to seek and deliver solutions to our problems. The course exhorts the students to groom into proactive and effective members of the society, as deemed essential by Islam. Presently, the Department is offering specialization in Islamic Studies which covers Quranic studies, Hadith, Islamic Shariah, Islamic Economics and comparative religions.

Semester- 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ARB-101 Arabic 3
HS-101 Basic English 3
HS-102 Pakistan Studies 3
MTH-101 Basic Mathematics 3
CE-101 Computer Fundamentals 3
BIS-101 Tajweed 3
  Total Credits 18

Semester- 2

Course  Code Course Title Credit Hours
ARB-102 Arabic Comprehension 3
HS-103 Communication Skills 3
BIS-102 Quranic Arabic 3
BIS-103 Biography of the Prophet (PBUH) 3
BIS-104 Islamic History of Sub-Continent 3
BIS-105 Introduction to Logic 3
Total Credits 18


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ARB-201 Arabic Literature 3
HS-106 Technical writing Skill 3
BIS-201 Textual Study of Holy Quran-I 3
BIS-202 Islamic History-1 3
BIS-203 Compilation of Hadith & Authority of Sunnah 3
BIS-204 Contemporary Muslim World & Movements 3
  Total Credits 18



Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BIS-205 Advance English 3
BIS- 20 6 Quranic Sciences  (uloom al-Quran) 3
BIS- 20 7 Hadith Sciences (uloom al-Hadith) 3
BIS- 20 8 Early Development of Fiqh 3
BIS- 20 9 Islamic History-II 3
BIS- 2 10 Quran and Science 3
Total Credits 18


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BIS-301 Textual Study of Holy Quran-II 3
BIS-302 Textual Study of Hadith 3
BIS-303 Textual Study of Fiqh 3
BIS-304 Islamic Economics 3
BIS-305 Ethics of  Disagreement in Islam (Adab al-Ikhtalaf) 3
BIS-306 Islamic Culture & Civilization 3
  Total Credits 18


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BIS- 30 7 Thematic Study of Holy Quran 3
BIS- 3 08 Islamic Law of Transactions (Fiqh al-muamalat) 3
BIS- 3 09 Islamic Jurisprudence (usul al-Fiqh) 3
BIS- 3 10 Analytic Study of Seerah 3
BIS- 3 11 Comparative Study of Religions 3
Total Credits 15







Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BIS- 401 Fiqh al-Quran 3
BIS- 40 2 Dawah  Principles & Techniques 3
BIS- 40 3 Islamic Law of  Punishment (Fiqh al-Jinayat) 3
BIS- 40 4 Interfaith Dialogue 3
BIS-405 Research Methodology 3
BIS-406 Muslim Family Laws 3
  Total Credits 18


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BIS- 40 7 Islamic Spirituality 3
BIS- 40 8 Islamic Political System 3
BIS- 4 09 Status of Women in Islam 3
BIS- 4 10 Research Project 6
  Total Credits 15


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