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The aim of the programme is to introduce participants to three areas of interest for teachers, managers of educational institutions and ELT specialists. These are Education, educational management and ELT (comprising TESL/EFL). Students can specialize in any of the three areas by taking courses from them. Degrees will be in BS (Hons.) Education, BS (Hons.) TESL and BS (Hons.) Educational Management. For those who join after a two year BA the corresponding degrees will be MA Education, MA TESL, MA Educational Management.

The programme explores a wide range of issues including:

  • The role of Education in a modern progressive society
  • Contemporary issues in education policy and practice
  • How new technologies are influencing how we teach and learn
  • The relationship between learning systems, learners and learning
  • Children’s psychological development
  • Issues related to Education Management and policy development
  • Theoretical principles of Second language acquisition (SLA) and English language teaching (ELT) and their practical implications



The programme comprises 130 credits earned over four years.


Year One

Fall Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE-101 F Foundation English 3
SLA-102 Pakistan Studies 3
CSC- 107 Fundamentals of Computers 4
SE 1102 Principles of Teaching and Learning 3
SE 1103 Gender in Education 3
Total 16




Spring Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE 101-A Communication Skills I 3
SLA-103 Islamic Studies 3
SE 1201 History of Education among Muslims in South Asia 3
SE 1202 Introduction to Leadership and Management 3
Elective (from other departments) 3
Total      15


Year Two

Fall Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE 2101 Teaching Practicum 3
SE 2102 Classroom Management 3
SE 2103 Reflective Practice in Education 3
Elective (from other departments) 3
Elective (from other departments) 3
Total 15



Spring Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE 2201 World Classics through Films 3
SE 2202 Ethics in Education 3
SE 2203 Early Childhood Education 3
LIN 5104 Educational Linguistics in Pakistan 3
Elective (from other departments) 3
Total 15


Year Three

Fall Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE 101-B Communication Skills II 3
SE 3101 History of Ideas 3
SE 3102 Second Language Acquisition 3
SE 3103 Classroom Discourse 3
Elective 3
Total 15



Spring Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE 3201 ICT in Education 3
SE 3202 Community Project 6
*Specialization Course 3
*Specialization Course 3
Elective (from other departments) 3
Total      17


Summer Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE 3301 Introduction to Educational Psychology 3
SE 3302 Curriculum Development 3
SE 3303 Professional Practice 3
Total      9


Year Four

Fall Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE 4101 Research Methodology I 3
SE 4102 Research Methodology II 3
SE 4103 Strategic Management in Education 3
*Specialization Course 3
*Specialization Course 3
Total 15



Spring Semester
Course Codes Course Credits
SE 4201 Special Education 3
SE 4202 Testing and Test Development 3
SE 4203 Dissertation 6
Total 12
Total Credit Hours 130


*Students will select their area of specialization at the end of year two and take course according to the following list.







Optional Courses
(Specialization areas)

Specialization in Education

  1. General Theories in Education (EDU 3201)
  2. Fundamentals of Educational Management (ELM 3202)
  3. Syllabus Design (EDU 4101)
  4. Material Development (EDU 4102)



Specialization in Educational Management

  1. Fundamentals of Educational Management (ELM 3201)
  2. Educational Leadership & Organizational Development (ELM 3202)
  3. Finance and Resource Management (ELM 4101)
  4. Marketing (ELM 4102)





Specialization in ELT

  1. English Language Teaching Methodology (SL 3201)
  2. Teaching Four Skills (SL 3202)
  3. Basic Concepts in Linguistics (SL 4101)
  4. ELT Management (SL 4102)





News & Updates

  • University of Chakwal
    First University in District Chakwal having NOC from HEC

    Spring Semester 2017

    Faculty of Faculty of Arts Faculty of Management
    Natural Sciences & Social Sciences Sciences
    (BS) Mathematics (BS) English BBA
    (BS) Physics (BS) Education
    (BS) Chemistry (BS) App. Psychology Faculty of Computer Science
    (BS) Zoology (BS) Economics BS (IT)
    (BS) Botany (BS) Islamic Studies BS (CS)
    (BS) Statistics (BS) Sociology
    (BS) Bio-Chemistry (BS) International Relations
    ⦁ M.A/M.Sc In All Subjects
    Last date to Apply : 28 Feb 2017
    commencement of classes 6th March 2017
    Hostel And Transport Facility Available

    A Project of Horizon College Chakwal
    Near Shah Multani , Bhoun Road, Chakwal
    Phone #0543-555086, 555087 , 555095
    For More Information Visit,
  • University of Chakwal Launched Interdisciplinary Research Organization
  • Fresh and experienced MS & PhD faculty required in following departments:
    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry
    3. Bio Chemistry
    4. Micro Biology
    5. Botany
    6. Zoology
    7. Mathematics
    8. English
    9. Islamiat
    10. Management sciences
    11. Computer sciences
    12. Statistics
    13. Economics
    Send your updated resume at
    For further details contact


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